Are you interested in serving your community and learning new skills? Have you ever thought about working in the field of emergency services? 

Many fire departments in Pope County are looking for new volunteers to assist them in serving our community and if you have been thinking about joining one of the departments, now is the time.

There is no experience required and if you are selected, you will be trained on many aspects of firefighting.

The volunteer fire departments in Pope County include Appleton, Atkins, Bayliss, Crow Mountain, Dover City, Dover Rural, Hatley, Hector, Linker Mountain, London, Martin Township, Moreland, Pea Ridge, and Pottsville Fire Department. Each department meets every month and holds several training opportunities throughout the year.

Upon becoming a volunteer firefighter, you will not only be serving the community, but will be assisting families, friends and neighbors in the event of a fire or other emergency and will be building strong connections with residents. It is a great opportunity to learn   and being a firefighter is a challenging, satisfying and rewarding experience.

There is a special connection between firefighters that can’t help but be developed when you have a group of members that, on a moment’s notice at any time of day or night, turn up to help a neighbor. Friendship and camaraderie are a big part of being a firefighter and are reflected in the department’s social functions. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter is the enormous amount of training provided. The training provided to firefighters is not just applicable to firefighting; it is useful in all aspects of life, including other occupations and home life.

Some of the training offered to volunteer firefighters includes but is not limited to:

  • Firefighting and Rescue Skills
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid
  • Fire Service Leadership Principles
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Operation of hydraulic rescue tools
  • Fire Prevention and Education
  • Hazardous Materials (Awareness/Operations)
  • Operation of hand and power tools
  • Difficult Rescue procedures including  motor vehicle collisions and setting up landing zones
  • Operation of fire pumps and water systems
  • Operate various types of Fire apparatus

If you or someone you know have interest, you are encouraged to stop by your local fire station to see how you can help.

If you have any questions, most departments have a Facebook page and you can also send them a message.

Additional contact information is provided below.

Appleton Fire Department

20167 State Highway 124 • Appleton, AR

(479) 284-2126


Atkins Fire Department

310 NE 1st Street • Atkins, AR

(479) 641-2900


Bayliss Fire Department

9641 SR 333 N • Dover, AR

(479) 293-4523

Crow Mountain Fire Department

1432 Crow Mountain Road • Russellville

(479) 968-4472


Dover City Fire & Rescue

9720 Market Street • Dover, AR



Dover Rural Fire Department

10230 West Camp Street • Dover, AR

(479) 331-1002


Hatley Fire Department

3271 Landers Loop • Dover, AR

Contact John Hibbs at (479) 747-4472

Hector Fire Department

72 Spruce Street • Hector, AR


Linker Mountain Fire Department

Linker Mountain Road • Dover, AR


London Fire Department

10595 US Highway 64 West • London, AR


Martin Township Fire Department

15189 Highway 7 North • Dover, AR

(479) 331-9800


Moreland Fire Department

11258 SR 124 • Russellville, AR

(479) 331-2056


Pea Ridge Fire Department

6265 SR 105 N • Atkins, AR

(479) 641-0197

Pottsville Fire Department

173 East Ash Street • Pottsville, AR

(479) 968-8334