Pottsville Mayor Randy Tankersley makes announcement concerning City of Pottsville’s city ball park

Pottsville Mayor Randy Tankersley recently released the following statement regarding City of Pottsville’s city ball park.

After visiting with coaches and local officials we feel it will be safe enough to open the Pottsville City Ball Park on May 11 for team practices and games to start on June 1. All social distancing guidelines will be required to be followed as set by the Governor.

City officials have placed signs around the park to remind everyone of the guidelines on social distancing and we will be sanitizing the restrooms on a regular schedule for public safety.

I understand that other cities may open sooner or later as set by their local officials but after careful conversations, I feel that May 11 is an appropriate date. As always, if you do not fill safe coming to practice or games at this time, please do not. The PAA will also be making announcements soon. The play ground equipment will remain closed until June and at that time, we will open Rankin Park also.