While working a water line project on Dardanelle Dam Road Tuesday night, February 11, 2020, road work caution signs advising residents of the work that was being performed were stolen. After the theft of the signs, at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, Dardanelle Mayor Jimmy Witt sought assistance from residents by posting the information concerning the signs on his Dardanelle Mayor - Jimmy Witt Facebook page. Mayor Witt’s post stated: 

Public Notice

“We are working on a new water line in the Dardanelle Dam Road. Someone stole all of our caution signs last night. Number one that makes it dangerous for anyone driving through that area after the signs were taken and two, it's just plain sorry. If anyone knows any information on who took these orange road work signs, please contact the Dardanelle Police Department.”

After sharing the status Wednesday morning, just before 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Witt posted an update on Facebook advising residents that the stolen signs had been returned along with an apology note. His update stated:

Public Notice

“The signs have been returned with an apology note. I appreciate that very much and I forgive you for taking them. I am just happy no one got hurt while they were gone. I want thank everyone who shared the info. The note said that they had seen the post on TikTok and brought them back. Thank you for your help.”

Mayor Witt stated that he appreciated the person for doing the right thing by bringing the signs back.