The City of Pottsville held a special meeting on Monday, June 1st to show their appreciation for some of the businesses in their community. Pottsville School Superintendant Larry Dugger  accepted the award for the Pottsville School District for making sure students had meals during the pandemic.

Dollar General in Pottsville was awarded for keeping all Pottsville City departments supplied with disinfecting supplies and essentials needed to protect the employees and citizens of our community. Tammy of Tammy Lou’s Cafe accepted an award for keeping her small business open during the pandemic to help the community and city. George and Tina Clark of Arkansas River Pizza Company accepted an award for keeping there small business open during the pandemic also to help the community and city. Pottsville Pharmacy received an award for helping out with supplies and making sure citizens that needed medicine were able to get them and the Conway Regional Medical office in Pottsville for helping with the sick and injured during the pandemic.

Officials with the City of Pottsville would also like to thank the Pottsville Shell station, Powell Boots and Fleet Tire for their continued work though the pandemic. Pottsville Mayor Randy Tankersley stated, “I know there are more businesses in town that did a great job through all of this and I apologize I can not get every one of you an award. I encourage members of the community, when you are around town shopping please thank all of the small businesses here in Pottsville for their hard work and continue to support our community.  I thank everyone of you so much.”