Forest Service

Forest Service officials are preparing to begin a road widening and parking addition project near a popular waterfall access point in northern Pope County.


Falling Water Falls, a few miles southeast of Ben Hur, is a popular waterfall for visitors to the national forest because of its accessibility and large, stunning pool. The area serves as a welcome respite to the summer heat, and a serene photographic setting during the rest of the year especially during the wetter months. Because of its proximity to almost a dozen other waterfalls in the national forest, the access road and parking area see a lot of use year-round.


Beginning September 8 and lasting approximately one month, Falling Water Road (Forest Service Road 1205) will be closed during the week but open and accessible on the weekends.

A map outlining the closure area is attached. This road is an access point to other popular recreation sites on the National Forest. Visitors are encouraged to contact the local Forest Service office for travel information prior to heading out into the Forest.


“The National Forest has seen quite an uptick in visitors over the last couple of years, and waterfalls and hiking areas are very popular,” said Tim Jones, Big Piney District Ranger. “By increasing the parking capacity and widening the road, we are ensuring that visitors have safer alternatives for traveling through or when stopping to visit for an extended period of time, all while reducing sedimentation and providing for long-term protection of the unique rock features of Falling Water Falls.”


Please contact the Big Piney Ranger District at 479-284-3150 or 479-518-0411 for additional information. Updates will be posted on the Forest website ( or on Facebook (@ozarkstfrancis).