In a recent social media post, officials with the Russ Bus shared information concerning out-of-state panhandlers that residents should be made aware of. In order to assist in keeping residents from being scammed, River Valley Now is sharing the information.

The information below was posted on Friday afternoon August 14, 2020.

Right now in our town there are three different vans from California that are asking for panhandling. They have their children out at the road in this heat, exploiting them to have our community give them money. The reason they are here is because they are making money and the word is out that we are an easy target. These families have been offered assistance and they have not taken assistance. Because they are not in need of assistance, they are here to make money. This has been going on for a series of four weeks. But at this moment there are three different vans and three different locations. The only way they will stop coming is if the money stops. I am not telling you to not give. But just truly understand these people are not in need. They are here for the sole purpose of making money.

- The Russ Bus