dons goodies
Don Venegas is a local 17 year old baker who's taking her passion to the streets of Russellville with her new business: Don's Goodies.
Venegas and her best friend Madison Jackson started the venture about five months ago. 
"She has always had a talent for baking, even as a small child she'd make a boxed brownie mix and it would be better than normal", said her mom, Holly Collins.
"She decided she wanted to start baking as a hobby. I had potlucks at my work several months in a row and she made me some desserts to take. All my coworkers fell in love."
"I told Don about how everyone loved it and she thought WOW I could make a business out of this!"
So, that's exactly what she did. Don's Goodies was born. Venegas bakes and puts her goodies on Facebook, then sets up locally to sell her delicious desserts to the community.
Their trial run went extremely successful when they set up at the Russellville fall festival and chili cook-off. Even though it rained, Venegas and Jackson sold like crazy. 
"Her and her best friend pulled everything out and set it up. They blossom when they set up. She is talking and trying to get people to come try her samples. 
Venegas also keeps a frugal mindset with her earnings. Instead of spending it, she reinvests her profits to upgrade her setup and grow her business.
Here's where Don's Goodies will be set up in the next few weeks:
Dec. 3rd - Dover City Park
Dec. 10th - River Valley Battered Women's Shelter
Dec. 17th - Malvern
She also sets up by La Huerta Mexican Restaurant at 1510 East Main  from 12-4 on some Sundays, so make sure to drop in and pay her a visit!