You have heard of many popular “national days,” but did you know that October 6 is ”National Transfer Money to Your Daughter’s Account Day?” 

According to, the day means exactly what you think it does — it’s a day where parents transfer money into their daughters’ bank account. What a great day to be a daughter, right? Simply put in your request, and (if you’re lucky), your parents will oblige. Unfortunately, this year, National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day is on Sunday, a day when most banks and financial institutions are closed.

National Transfer Money to Your Son Day 2019 is on October 13 and ironically, it lands on a Sunday as well! Daughter’s and son’s may have better luck next year when both holidays will be on Tuesday’s.

Sunday, October 6th is also National Coaches Day, National Mad Hatter Day, National Noodle Day, National Plus Size Appreciation Day and World Cerebal Palsy Day.