Russellville City Council met Thursday, December 20, in the council chambers for a regular scheduled meeting.

Aldermen Phil Sims, Robert Wiley, and Bill Strait, Alderwoman Freddie Harris, City Clerk Pat Taylor, and Mayor Randy Horton were each presented plaques for their service to the city in their final meeting holding their respective positions.

Director of City Corp Steve Mallet discussed the major goals of the water facilities, the largest of which is waste water treatment improvements.

The council approved the 2019 budgets and added $10,000 more to the funding the city provides t the Boys and Girls Club.

Consideration of the conversion between the Department of Transportation, ATU, and the City of Russellville was read for the second time. The third and final reading is to take place in January. A consideration of changes to the Animal Control ordinance passed. The changes follow the ordinance’s

recent passage when it was realized that the ordinance read as though animal owners must be restrained instead of animals. Alderman Eric Westcott asked for the emergency clause to be implemented to bypass a 30 day waiting period before the changes are official. Robert Wiley argued that the ordinance does not qualify for the emergency clause, but Westcott argued that if it was not enacted “for the next 30 days it is illegal for dog owners to roam free without a leash.” Wiley responded that “I don’t think anybody is going to bite anyone in the next 30 days.” After a vote the emergency clause was approved.

The ordinance to establish a PUD on Marina Road was approved in a five-to-three vote. Citizen Danny Henderson stated before the council that a PUD “is not a variance, it’s a total change of zone from R1 to R2 disguised as a PUD.” Harold Cornett made a statement that the passage is “an inappropriate

encroachment on R1 areas. We felt we stated our case numerous times. We have said it through the newspaper, radio, and a vote. It is a shame the citizens have to go through so much to protect their investments.” Cornett also stated “our only recourse is a referendum which we will petition for.”

The following appropriations were made:

 $22,041.29 from the Fire Pension Fund for Asset Transfer

 $461 from the District Court for Group Insurance

 $1,430 from Oakland Cemetery for increased printing, publishing, and grounds maintenance


 $125,000 from Capital Sales Tax Fund for City Corp

 $140,871.52 from Economic Fund 3 for the final Weir Road Project payment

 $2,730 from the Street Fund for Parking Lot Improvements

 $3,470.69 from the Street Fund for Street Lighting