Organizers held a Birthday/Salute Cruise in Danville on Saturday, May 2nd in celebration of birthdays in the community and to salute the staff and patients of Chambers Memorial Hospital and the staff and residents of Mitchell’s Nursing Home. The cruise offered a way to celebrate the birthdays of many, showed support to medical staff as they continue to work the front lines and offered encouragement to patients who may be battling illness. It included cars, trucks, hot rods, show cars, project cars and emergency vehicles. The participants kicked off the cruise at 11:30 a.m. at Danville City Hall and made their way through town waving, honking, and revving their engines, putting smiles on the faces of residents of all ages. Organizers of the Birthday/Salute Cruise, Rick Padgett and Kevin Suter stated that they began planning the Danville cruise the first part of April after the birthday parades became very popular. Padgett and Suter began discussing the plans after Suter organized the first birthday parade cruise that was held in Russellville on April 11th. During their discussions, Padgett customized the Danville cruise to not only celebrate birthdays, but added the idea of cruising by Chambers Memorial Hospital and Mitchell’s Nursing Home to show appreciation and encouragement to those who need it the most at this time and to show community support. Many thanks are given to Rick Padgett, Kevin Suter, the Danville Police Department, Danville Fire Department, Pinnacle EMS, Rover Fire Department, Chambers Memorial Hospital staff and patients, the staff and residents of Mitchell’s Nursing Home and to all of the participants who made the cruise a success. River Valley Now attended the cruise on Saturday and captured the attached photos and the following video to share with readers.