Living in a retirement community during the COVID-19 pandemic has come with many sacrifices, including extremely limited contact with the outside world. During the pandemic, nursing homes throughout the country aren't allowing any visitors to protect their residents. Senior-care facilities have been one of the most vulnerable communities during the pandemic, with the virus recorded to be significantly more dangerous for those above the age of 60. Having an entire community built from people in that age range has also brought the need for increased distance from the outside world, but on Thursday, those residents were finally able to see their families in the flesh. Residents of Legacy Heights Nursing and Rehab enjoyed a special treat Thursday evening, May 21st as they received the gift of family from a safe social distance. Sons, daughters, grandchildren, spouses, friends as well as officers of the Russellville Police Department took to their vehicles for a drive by parade in front of Legacy Heights. The parade began at 6:30 p.m. and following the Russellville Police Department, the parade was led by the organizer of the event, Legacy Heights Activities Director Candice Horton. Family and friends who participated in the parade decorated their cars with posters, flags, balloons and streamers and waved and greeted their loved ones as the watched from the sidewalk in front of Legacy Heights. Residents waved family and friends and some held signs that said “Miss you” as they watched the line of vehicles pass by. As the parade continued, the event brought tears to the eyes of many staff members and others as the outpouring of love and support for the residents was evident. Some vehicles even stopped and lingered for a minute during the procession, telling their loved one how much they loved and missed them. For some, this was the first time they had physically seen their loved one since the pandemic hit. After all participants of the parade completed their drive by, they returned to the parade line for a second chance to see their loved one. Over 60 vehicles participated in the drive by parade including eight Russellville Police officers and each participant helped make the event successful. Special thanks are given to the Russellville Police Department, Legacy Heights Nursing and Rehab Activities Director Candice Horton and Legacy Heights Nursing and Rehab staff, and everyone who participated in the parade.