After inviting River Valley residents to visit ‘Lights on Linker,’ a musical Christmas light show on Linker Mountain that was held from December 10 - January 1st, organizers state that the show was a huge success as it raised money for a local nonprofit organization, The Russ Bus. ‘Lights on Linker’ was held nightly at 394 Quail Ridge Road on Linker Mountain in Dover and although the show was free, organizers Brooke Brewer and Mike Lacefield set up a donation box for donations to be made to The Russ Bus, a charity that is very dear to their hearts. All of the donations that were received went directly to The Russ Bus to assist the homeless in our area. On Thursday evening, January 2nd, the money received through donations at the Lights on Linker event was presented to Fred Teague of The Russ Bus. While presenting Teague the money donated, Brewer stated, “On behalf of the patrons of ‘Lights on Linker’ this year we have raised $2,201.30 for The Russ Bus. Shocked by the amount of money donated during the event, Teague graciously accepted the donations and would like to thank everyone who donated to The Russ Bus. Many thanks are given to the countless residents of the River Valley for attending this year’s Lights on Linker and for your generosity in assisting The Russ Bus through the donations.