After a breach occurred on the Holla Bend levee in Yell County on Thursday, May 30, Dardanelle Mayor Jimmy Witt, addressed residents advising them of the breach and to prepare for a possible flooding situation that would be coming from the bayou side. At that time, the Mayor asked for volunteers to begin sandbag operations in order to prepare for the flooding and to help prevent it’s spread.

Yell County residents not only responded to the request, but turned out in unimaginable numbers, joined together and made it happen. Sandbag operations continued through Saturday and as the river crested Sunday morning, June 2, Yell County was prepared.

Although there have been reports of damage and there is still a long road  ahead, the residents of the county stood beside one another, volunteered their time, worked many hours in the heat and filled countless sandbags throughout the weekend.

Yell County stood strong when faced with adversity and there’s no question, Yell County stands strong today.

The following photos were taken during the sandbag operations.