Chaos Divers, assisting Adventures with Purpose, announced that Samantha Hopper, who was eight months pregnant when she went missing 23 years ago, and her 22 month old daughter, were recovered from her vehicle in the Illinois Bayou in Russellville on Tuesday. 

Hopper, 19 at the time, was heading to drop off her daughter before heading to a concert in Little Rock. The daughter, Courtney Esther Danielle Holt, was 22 months old at the time.

Hopper never made it to either location and her blue Ford Tempo was never seen again until Tuesday.

Chaos Divers were able to sonar under one of the Pleasant View Road bridges and as soon as the car was viewed on sonar, it was immediately identified as an overturned, small car, approximately 8 feet deep. Divers dove on the vehicle, which had no tags.

With as much certainty as possible, he was able to identify the car matched the target they were looking for.

"The family was on scene. While it was gut wrenching to have to see the tears stream down their faces as they were told the news, it was also incredibly heartwarming to see the smiles on their faces and the weight release from their shoulders knowing they were potentially bringing their loved ones home," Chaos Drivers posted on its Facebook page.  

Authorities were notified and arrived promptly. The Pope County OEM was asked to dive and bring the car up. A boom was brought in to help remove the car and bring it over the bridge’s cement barriers.  

Extraction from the water took nine hours.

An investigation as to the contents of the car and DNA testing will be performed to ensure 100 percent accuracy.

As additional information is released concerning this story, River Valley Now will update readers. 

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