Bond Hearings Disclaimer: The following individual(s) appeared in felony bond hearings that were held at the Pope County Detention Center and have been accused of a felony crime. All information included in this story was obtained through testimony and/or police reports provided in the hearing. The charge(s) they have been accused of are anticipated charges and probable cause must be determined in order for the suspect to be held and issued a bond amount. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The Arkansas State Police seized over $450,000 of meth during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 on Tuesday afternoon that led to the arrest of a New York resident.

On Wednesday, February 26, Jonathan A. Pinnock of Queens, New York appeared before District Court Judge Don Bourne during a felony bond hearing following his arrest by the Arkansas State Police. Pinnock appeared in the hearing accused of Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Methamphetamine.

In order to determine probable cause in holding Pinnock on the charge, the judge was provided a report by the Arkansas State Police.

According to the report, at 5:04 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25, an Arkansas State Trooper conducted a traffic stop with a red Hyundai Elantra for improper turn signal.

The trooper made contact with the driver, identified as Jonathan Pinnock and told him who he was and why he had initiated the stop. The trooper asked Pinnock for his driver’s license and while speaking to him, the trooper stated his voice was very “shaky as if he was nervous and his hands were shaking as he handed me his driver’s license.” The trooper asked Pinnock where he was traveling and he advised Virginia Beach.

The trooper then asked Pinnock to step out of his vehicle and then asked him for consent to search the car. Pinnock denied his consent to search the vehicle and after the consent was denied, the trooper requested a K-9 unit to respond to his location. A short time later, a U.S. Forestry Service Officer and his canine arrived at the traffic stop and the dog was escorted around the car.

The canine alerted the officers to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle and at that time, a probable cause search was conducted.

While searching the car, the trooper  located a black/gray suitcase in the trunk that contained five large vacuumed seal bags that contained approximately 10 pounds of suspected methamphetamine.

After finding the drugs, Pinnock was placed under arrest and transported to the Fifth Judicial District Drug Task Force office in Russellville where he was mirandized and interviewed by agents. The suspected methamphetamine (approximately 10 pounds with a street value of $453,592) was seized by D.T.F. agents.

Following the interview, Pinnock was transported to the Pope County Detention Center where he was booked into the jail for Trafficking a Controlled Substance (meth) and a felony hold was placed on him.

After reviewing the report, Judge Bourne determined probable cause in holding Pinnock on the charge. The judge asked Pinnock is he had been convicted of a felony before and he answered the judge, “No.” Judge Bourne then asked Fifth Judicial District Prosecutor Jeff Phillips, for the State's bond recommendation.

The prosecutor recommended Pinnock’s bond to be ordered in the amount of $200,000.

Judge Bourne asked Pinnock if he had anything to say about bond and Pinnock stated, “Is it possible for it to be lower?” The judge answered Pinnock stating, “You don’t have any apparent contacts to this state and you are what people would consider a flight risk and may not come back unless there is a substantial hold against you.”

Judge Bourne then ordered Pinnock’s bond in the amount of $200,000 as recommended by the State and ordered him to appear in a plea arraignment hearing set to be held on March 30 at 9 a.m. in Pope County Circuit Court at the Pope County Courthouse.

For a second time, Pinnock asked the judge to lower the bond amount he had ordered and Judge Bourne advised him, “There’s a reason why we do what we do based on experience. You’re accused of a serious drug crime which if you are convicted, will result in you going to prison. The State doesn’t have any confidence that you will come back to face the charge unless someone puts a short hold on you.” Pinnock then stated, “that’s a lot.” The judge replied, “I think that a man who is accused of transporting illegal drugs should have thought about that before he had anything to do with drug dealing. There are consequences for criminal behavior.”

At the time of this story, Pinnock remained in custody at the Pope County Detention Center.