Big River Materials has announced the acquisition of Pope County area trucking company, Mickey Lewallen Trucking (MLT). The terms of the agreement see Big River Materials acquiring MLT’s truck fleet. The agreement further provides that MLT owner, Mickey Lewallen, will be retained under the employment of Big River Materials, and that he will continue to personally serve his current customer base.

“Mickey is a great businessman, and a quality person.” said Big River Materials owner, Matt Duffield. “He has done business with the Duffield family for 28 years, and has always been a pleasure to deal with. He is a hard worker and a man of his word. Like Big River, he does what he says he is going to do.”

Founded in 1993, Mickey Lewallen Trucking has been serving the Pope County area for over 28 years. As with many great American success stories, Mr. Lewallen says that MLT’s beginnings were quite humble.

“I bought a dozer. We were farming, more or less, raising chickens. I got to hankering for a bulldozer, so I bought a small one. One thing just led to another. I bought a trailer to pull it on with one ton. You get on a job and you need material, so the truck came into play.” said Mr. Lewallen.

Mickey Lewallen Trucking became quickly successful, despite not doing what most commercial businesses have a percentage of their budget allotted for. Mr. Lewallen says that in 28 years in business, he never advertised.

“I work by word of mouth.” said Mr. Lewallen. “I’ve never advertised. It’s always word of mouth. One will tell the other one, and they call and get the number from them. It just revolves around the circle. It’s been really good. As far as the numbers, I’ve never really kept up with it. I’ve made a good living doing it the whole 28 years. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be in the business.”

MLT’s business has been doing very well lately. So well, in fact, that Mr. Lewallen says that his customers’ demand for hauling reached the point that 6 years ago he had to abandon the core of his original business, bulldozing, to focus on the company’s demand for trucking services.

Mr. Lewallen says that he is very pleased with the agreement that he has reached with Big River Materials. He also sees the arrangement as an opportunity to slowly ease out into, at least a partial, retirement.

“Matt and I agreed pretty much on everything we talked about. So it was a fair agreement. Eventually, he will take it all over and it’ll be his. We’re trying to make everybody happy, treat them like we’ve always done, and carry on with the business. I’m going to slow down. I’m going on 63 years old and eventually that’s the whole idea. Maybe work part-time.” said Mr. Lewallen. “It’s been a good career. It ain’t for everybody, but it’s been good for me.”