Pope County Quorum Court

Pope County Judge Ben Cross & the Quorum Court has called a special meeting set to take place Tuesday, June 11 at 5pm. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a possible vote concerning a proposed casino in Pope County.

While Issue 4 passed in a statewide vote allowing a casino in Pope County last November, Pope County residents also voted for a "Local Control Ordinance" which called for a public yes or no vote before the county judge issues any letter of support for a casino.

Pope County voters passed Ordinance 2018-O-42 by a margin of 68.07% to 31.93% which placed a restriction on the ability of the county judge to issue such a letter to a particular casino vendor without first putting that measure before the voters of Pope County. The language of this ordinance does not offer the question of “do you want a casino?” but rather concerns the act of issuing a support letter alone.

At a quorum court meeting last Thursday, Judge Cross stated “This is not a pro or anti casino meeting. It is a public forum if you want to talk about the casino. It will be a discussion about whether or not to put the local option ordinance into play.”

The proposed vote, which could possibly take place this coming November would come as a result of the passing of Ordinance 2018-O-42.