At approximately 8:15 p.m. Wednesday night, May 20, Dardanelle dispatch received a 911 call reporting a house fire at 206 Christiana Street in Dardanelle. The 911 caller advised the dispatcher that smoke was in the residence, but at that time, they could not see a fire. The caller stated that the occupants of the home were evacuating the structure and would be waiting on the arrival of firefighters outside. The Dardanelle Police Department also responded to the scene to manage traffic control.

After being dispatched to the address, Dardanelle City firefighters checked en route to their station and quickly responded to the residence. The first arriving unit offered a size up of the scene to dispatch and other responding firefighters and advised “light smoke was showing.”

As Dardanelle Fire Department’s Engine 2 and Engine 3 checked en route to the call, Dardanelle City Fire Chief Tony Sigle radioed dispatch and advised he would have command on scene.

Upon the arrival of additional fire units, firefighters worked to find the source of the light smoke observed exiting the home. As firefighters continued their efforts to remove the fire threat, they located what appeared to be scorched insulation and wood in the attic.

Chief Sigle then informed dispatch that firefighters had located the source of the smoke stating that it was found to be in a small area in the attic and suppression efforts were continuing at that time. The chief also advised dispatch to contact Entergy and Centerpoint to respond to the address in order to shut off the utilities.

Firefighters continued to work inside the home to remove the fire threat and a short time later the threat was eliminated. Centerpoint personnel arrived on scene and pulled the gas meter from the home and at approximately 9:30 p.m., Entergy arrived at the residence and disconnected the power.

After eliminating the source of the smoke, firefighters began overhaul efforts and checked to ensure there was no fire extension.

Just before 10 p.m. Wednesday night, command was terminated and all units returned to their station available for service.

After investigating the incident, it was believed to be an electrical issue that originated in the attic. The damage caused by the incident was contained to the kitchen ceiling and a small area in the attic and the attic also sustained light smoke damage.

Due to the response of Dardanelle City Fire Department the origin of the smoke was located and the threat of a fire was eliminated preventing total loss of the home and property. Dardanelle City firefighters were successful in their efforts by preventing the home from sustaining substantial damage and protecting the home’s occupants from injury.