A driver was ejected from his vehicle in a rollover collision that occurred Monday afternoon October 4th on State Highway 7 North.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., the Arkansas State Police, Pope County Sheriff’s Office, Pope County EMS and Martin Township Fire Department were dispatched to the area of the 22000 block of State Highway 7 North on a report of a rollover collision with injury. Pope County 911 dispatchers updated responders as they were en route to the location and stated that the 911 caller had reported the driver of the vehicle had been ejected in the crash and there was fuel spilling from the vehicle.

Dispatch contacted EMS personnel as they responded and asked if they needed to check on availability of an air ambulance. EMS advised dispatch to make the inquiry due to the driver being ejected and the possibility of the patient sustaining critical injuries. After contacting the air ambulance services, one was placed on standby.

Martin Township firefighters checked en route to the location and a short time later, they advised dispatch they were on scene. Firefighters located the driver and radioed dispatch to advise EMS that he had sustained many contusions and was experiencing pain to his right side. They also confirmed that gasoline and oil had spilled onto the highway and it was continuing to leak from the truck. Dispatch passed the updated patient information to EMS and a short time later EMS personnel advised dispatch they were on scene.

The Arkansas State Police and Pope County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene to find a Mazda truck blocking the roadway that had come to rest on its roof. The truck was heavily damaged causing the gasoline and oil to leak out of the truck onto the roadway.

Troopers with the Arkansas State Police began investigating the crash and were assisted on scene by the Pope County Sheriff’s Office deputies. Martin Township firefighters applied foam to the fuel and oil leaking from the truck. While the collision was worked northbound and southbound traffic was stopped.

The male driver was transported by Pope County EMS to Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center as the investigation and clean up efforts continued.

It appeared that the rollover collision occurred as the Mazda truck traveled south on Highway 7, left the roadway to the right and struck a utility pole on the right side of the highway. When the truck hit the pole, the truck began to rollover, ejecting the driver. As the truck continued its momentum traveling south, it came to rest on its roof in the southbound lane of Highway 7 on its roof. The truck likely rolled several times before it came to rest and the damage caused to the truck in the incident, caused the fuel and oil to spill.

While the clean up efforts continued, a wrecker arrived on scene, flipped the truck back upright and it was loaded and towed from the scene. While loading the truck on the wrecker, a firefighter on scene discovered that the keys to the truck were also in the roadway and had also been ejected from the truck.

After quite some time, the roadway was reopened to traffic after the debris, fuel and oil was cleaned up.

The identity of the driver, the injuries he sustained in the crash and his current condition are unknown.

The attached photos and the following video were captured from the scene of the crash.