At approximately 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, March 10, the Arkansas State Police, Yell County Sheriff’s Office, Pinnacle EMS, Yell County Mounted Patrol, Ola Fire Department and Danville Rescue were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision with entrapment that occurred on Highway 7, about a mile north of Ola.

As responders checked en route to the call, a Yell County dispatcher advised that they were receiving multiple calls concerning the accident. One of the 911 callers reported that the vehicle was possibly smoking.

After dispatching the Yell County Mounted Patrol, dispatch advised that they could cancel their response due to the accident occurring in Danville Rescue’s district.

Upon arriving on scene, responders radioed dispatch that there was no fire and the collision involved one vehicle, a Chevrolet Surburban. After offering the information and making contact with the driver, the only occupant of the vehicle, the entrapment was confirmed.

Pinnacle EMS personnel made contact with the female driver once they arrived at the scene and evaluated the injuries she had had sustained in the crash. After conducting a preliminary evaluation and an assessment of her injuries, EMS requested the response of an air ambulance. Survival Flight 7 was contacted by dispatch and were available for transport. Within a few minutes, the air ambulance launched and checked en route to the scene.

Danville Rescue arrived on scene a short time later and rescue personnel began extricating the trapped driver. Due to the impact of the collision, the female driver was pinned in the vehicle by the steering wheel and the dash. After performing a “door pop” on the driver’s side of the vehicle, Danville Rescue personnel performed a “dash roll” to free the driver from the entrapment.

As Danville Rescue worked to extricate the patient, firefighters with the Ola Fire Department conducted traffic control through the area and set up a landing zone for Survival Flight.

At 10:27 a.m. Survival Flight 7 landed on scene and the flight crew joined responders as the patient was prepared for transport. The Arkansas State Police began an investigation into how the crash occurred while the patient was being loaded into the air ambulance.

After the patient was loaded, Survival Flight 7 launched from the scene, transporting the injured female to a Little Rock hospital.

According to witnesses of the crash, the Suburban was traveling south on Highway 7 when the driver suddenly crossed the centerline, crossed over the northbound lane and exited the roadway.

The witness stated “the driver never slowed down” when the accident occurred. After the vehicle

left the highway it struck a tree head on. Due to the speed the vehicle was traveling, the driver’s side of the vehicle struck the tree and the impact of the collision caused the vehicle to rotate 180 degrees. The vehicle then came to rest facing north, down an incline off the shoulder of the highway.

It was later determined that the driver sustained a broken leg and broken pelvis in the crash. During a recent update, River Valley Now learned that she is alert and is doing ok, but has a long road of recovery ahead of her.

The attached photos and the following video were taken from the scene of the collision.