A driver was airlifted from the scene and a second patient was transported to a local hospital for injuries after a two vehicle head-on collision occurred on Thursday evening October 27th.

The Arkansas State Police, Yell County Sheriff’s Department, Pinnacle EMS, Yell County Mounted Patrol and Dardanelle Rural Fire Department were dispatched to the area of State Highway 27 near Dover Lane (approximately three miles outside of Dardanelle) to a reported entrapment collision that involved two passenger cars.

Upon arrival of responders, they made contact with the occupants of the vehicles involved and learned that two people were injured. One of the two individuals was trapped in their vehicle had sustained serious injuries in the crash.

Members of the Yell County Mounted Patrol arrived on scene and began extricating the injured man while Pinnacle EMS began treating the second patient. Due to the injuries the trapped driver had sustained, emergency personnel on scene radioed dispatch and requested the response of the closest air ambulance. Dispatch advised EMS personnel that Survival Flight 7 was available to respond to the scene and at the time the medical helicopter was launched.

After the man was extricated he received preliminary treatment by Pinnacle EMS as Survival Flight 7 landed in the yard of a residence near the scene.

Once Survival Flight 7’s flight crew met with Pinnacle EMS personnel, the patient was transferred into their care and airlifted from the scene and transported to a Little Rock hospital. The second patient was transported by ambulance to a local hospital to receive treatment for the injuries they had sustained.

While the crash was investigated by the Arkansas State Police, traffic was stopped on Highway 27.

According to statement from individuals  who witnessed the crash, the collision  occurred when one vehicle attempted to pass the another vehicle on a double yellow line and in a curve, when it struck  an oncoming vehicle head on.

At the time of this story the identities of the individuals involved, the injuries they sustained and their current conditions are unknown.

After the vehicles were towed from the highway and the debris from the crash was cleaned up, traffic was allowed to resume through the area.

The attached photos were captured from the scene of the head-on crash.