Just before 8:30 p.m. Thursday night, November 7, Pope County 911 dispatched the London Fire Department to a structure fire that was reported on State Route 333. Pope County dispatchers advised that they had received a 911 call advising that a house located near the 5600 block of 333 had smoke exiting the roof.

As firefighters responded to the location, dispatch advised they had received additional reports from commuters passing by the home. Dispatch updated fire personnel stating that a 911 caller advised they could see flames that appeared to be in one room of the home, it appeared the house had no power and it was unknown if anyone was inside.

Just before firefighters arrived on scene, dispatch informed London firefighters that Johnson County was offering assistance in the fire fight if they were needed. At that time, a London requested the response of a tanker to provide assistance if needed.

Upon the arrival of firefighters, they offered a size up of the scene and stated that smoke was exiting the home. At that time, 508 advised dispatch that he would have command of the call.

After making entry into the home, London firefighters determined that no one was inside and initiated an interior attack on the fire that was discovered in a room located in the back of the residence.

As firefighters continued their fight, Flat Rock Fire Department arrived on scene to offer their assistance. Moments later, dispatch informed firefighters that Entergy had been contacted and officials were responding to the scene.

Firefighters continued their fight working to extinguish the flames inside of the home for approximately 30 minutes and then advised dispatch the fire was under control.

Firefighters continued to work dousing what remained of the flames and a short time later, the fire was determined to be extinguished.

At the time of the fire, no one was home and there were no firefighters injured in the incident. While the firefight was underway, an officer with the Dover Marshal’s Office assisted with traffic control through the area. 

After containing the fire and preventing the total loss of the home, London firefighters remained on scene performing overhaul efforts and checking for fire extension. After fire extension was not found, they made contact with the occupant of the home who had arrived at the residence.

Firefighters remained on scene for a short period of time and after packing up their equipment, they advised dispatch they were returning to their station available for service.

At the time of this story, the damage caused by the fire and property loss amounts are unknown. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

The attached photos and the following video were taken during the incident.