Disclaimer: The following individual has been arrested and accused of a crime. All information included in this story was obtained through testimony and/or police reports provided. The charge(s) they have been accused of are anticipated charges and probable cause must be determined in order for the suspect to be held and issued a bond amount. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

A 33-year-old man appeared in felony bond hearings on Friday, April 14th following an April 12th traffic stop that led to a scuffle with police that injured two officers and ended in his arrest.

Jermaine Deshawn Evans, 33, appeared in a felony bond hearing before District Court Judge Clayton McCall facing the charges of Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possession with Purpose to Deliver a Controlled Substance, two counts Battery in the Second Degree, Fleeing, and Resisting Arrest.

During the hearing, the judge was provided a report from the Russellville Police Department in order to determine probable cause in holding Evans on the charges.

According to the report, on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 8:13 p.m., a sergeant with the Russellville Police Department observed a white Nissan Maxima turn off South Knoxville Avenue to travel eastbound on East 16th Street. The vehicle made a wide turn, crossing the double yellow line. The sergeant advised in the report that he could also hear the music coming from the vehicle from more than 30 feet away, violating the city noise ordinance.

After turning onto East 16th Street, the vehicle then slowed abruptly and turned into the Exxon parking lot at 16th Street and Knoxville Avenue. The sergeant then initiated a traffic stop as the vehicle turned into the parking lot and made contact with the male driver, who identified himself as Jermaine Evans.

A second officer arrived on scene and the sergeant provided the driver's information to the officer to run on his in car terminal. As the officer returned to his vehicle, the sergeant noticed Evans begin to sweat from his forehead on a cool evening.

Upon making the observation, the sergeant asked Evans to step out of the vehicle and as he exited, he placed his hands in the air. The sergeant then asked for consent to search his person and he consented.

In the report, the sergeant advised that he noticed Evans had his pelvic area pressed against his vehicle as he stood there. As he began his search, he asked Evans to step back from the vehicle and to spread his legs apart. As Evans did this, a clear baggy fell from his groin area onto the ground. The sergeant saw the bag to contain numerous fentanyl pills and a white powdery substance.

Upon seeing the baggy and its contents, he attempted to place Evans into handcuffs and he began to push away from him in an attempt to flee. At that time, the sergeant attempted to take Evans to the ground, but Evans bent over causing the sergeant to fall to the ground. While seeing the scuffle, the officer grabbed Evans by the shoulders and the sergeant grabbed Evans’ ankles. The sergeant kept his hold on Evans as the officer disengaged and drew his Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) and ordered Evans to the ground. Evans acted as he was going to comply, but then lunged forward attempting to grab the officer’s CEW.

During the attempt to gain control of Evans, he continued to push/pull away from the sergeant and the officer. He drug the sergeant on the cement, attempted to bite the officer’s left arm, and refused to give control of his hands. Evans was eventually controlled and placed into handcuffs. After being placed into handcuffs he was placed into the recovery position until other officers arrived on scene.

After Evans was in custody, the sergeant examined the baggy of contraband located and it contained 66 suspected fentanyl pills, and approximately 15.6 grams of suspected cocaine, in three separate baggies.

Evans was transported to Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center for medical evaluation and after being cleared and released, Evans was transported to the Pope County Detention Center.

Upon his arrival at the detention center, Evans was released to correction officers on a felony hold for the charges of Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possession with Purpose to Deliver a Controlled Substance, two counts Battery in the Second Degree Fleeing, and Resisting Arrest.

The report stated that the sergeant suffered cuts and abrasions to both hands, arms, elbows, and knees and his left hip was also sore to the touch and hard to walk, sit and stand with the injury.

The officer received abrasions and bruising on his right knee and elbow and also possibly jammed his left thumb.

After reviewing the information provided, Judge McCall determined probable cause in holding Evans on the charges and order him to be held on a $10,000 cash only bond.

At the time of this story, Evans remained in custody at the Pope County Detention Center awaiting his appearance in a plea arraignment hearing set for a later date.