A CHI Saint Vincent/Morrilton physician is now on administrative leave and faces criminal charges following an investigation conducted by the Morrilton Police Department.

Dr. Silakhone Douangkesone was placed on administrative leave without pay pending further investigation.

A patient of Dr. Douangkesone reported that she went to the hospital last June because she was suffering from mini strokes and severe headaches. The victim alleged that  during an exam, the doctor touched her inappropriately and photographed her private area. Other inappropriate actions by the doctor then followed. The victim later told police she was confident that a search warrant for his phone could prove her claim.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant and according to a police incident report "Douangkesone began to act nervous, when questioned by investigators. The doctor then refused to release his PIN number or password."

Authorities indicate it took FBI technicians six months to unlock the phone, but investigators were able to locate two photos on the device. On January 23rd, the victim confirmed the photos were her.

A statement released by CHI-Saint Vincent states "The hospital placed Dr. Douangkesone on administrative leave without pay pending further investigation and the hospital continues to cooperate with local authorities."

Douangkesone's next court appearance is scheduled for March 6th.