At approximately 2:42 p.m. Tuesday afternoon November 5, 2019, an unknown incident reportedly occurred that has been described as a loud “boom” and many River Valley residents are questioning what occurred.

After receiving many inquiries and making contact with officials in Pope County, River Valley Now asked many questions and has not learned what the “boom” was, but instead, what it was not.

According to Pope County 911, dispatchers received multiple calls from several areas throughout Pope County who reported hearing and even feeling the “boom” that has been described to sound like an explosion. The areas reporting that they heard or felt the boom included London, residents living in the Mill Creek area and along Highway 64 West, several locations in Russellville, residents in the Linker Mountain area, as well as along Highway 7 North to Dover.

After speaking to emergency officials, River Valley Now was informed that at this time, what caused the boom is unknown, but the incident was being investigated throughout the afternoon on Tuesday.

When the boom occurred, Pope County 911 received several calls reporting the sound and deputies with the Pope County Sheriff’s Office began attempting to locate the sounds source. County officials also contacted the Russellville Regional Airport and learned that there had not been any incident occur there, and there was no blasting in progress at Duffield Gravel.

River Valley Now has learned that although Arkansas Nuclear One is currently in outage, the sound did not originate from ANO due to the facility “tripping” or going off line.

At the time this story was published there were no reports of any explosions in Pope County and there has not been any damage reported either.

While searching for an answer RVN came across a news story published  by KAKE News on November 2, 2019, that stated, “A series of loud booms shook south Wichita Saturday afternoon, leaving thousands of people as far away as Haysville and Marion County wondering what caused them. Beginning around 1:40 p.m., Sedgwick County emergency dispatchers fielded many calls about "possible explosions."  To watch a video clip of the story by KAKE News click the following link.

Despite knowing what the sound wasn’t, the question remains, “What was the boom?” Unfortunately, despite our inquiries, no one seems to know or have the answer to the question. Although we may never know the answer, if you heard the boom or felt it Tuesday afternoon, you aren't imagining things and you aren't alone.

If further information becomes available regarding this incident, River Valley Now will update readers.