A video is quickly going viral on Facebook after an incident occurred at the Wild Wilderness Safari located in Gentry. The incident involving a bear and a pony was captured on video by a visitor on Sunday, September 1st.

In the disturbing video that was captured by a visitor, a bear is seen on top of the pony and it appears to have it pinned to the ground.

The video has caught the attention of people on Facebook and has them asking questions as to why this incident was allowed to happen and why the pony was in the same enclosure as a bear.

According to the caption posted with the video, Melissa Carnes of Bentonville states, "Just driving through the Safari, came across the bear cage with ponies and goats mixed in chillin. Meanwhile a bear gets up and decides he's hungry for pony. Bear snatches up the pony for lunch while driving by. Talk about getting your money's worth at the safari. Why would you put ponies and goats in with bears?"

The Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari in Gentry released a statement on their Facebook page stating,"Piper, the pony, is looking good after her bear encounter yesterday. The vet said she is in good condition with no injuries. Thanks so much for your concerns!  We are performing an internal review."

Despite the post by safari officials, many visitors remain outraged and continue to ask questions such as "While my family LOVES y'all I find this highly unlikely. Video evidence does not lie." Other comments below the safari's statement ask for a photo as evidence that the pony is in fact in good condition.

The popular Wild Wilderness Safari was closed earlier this year following  a complaint that was filed by the USDA in 2017. The complaint alleged 13 cases of failure to provide adequate veterinary care, as well as instances of animals kept in dirty or inadequate conditions. After being closed for some time, the safari was reopened in March after paying a $75,000 fine.

The video showing the incident may be viewed below, but it may disturbing to readers.