On Saturday, April 17, a truck was recovered from Spring Lake in Yell County after it was found by the Yell County Dive Team, submerged approximately 40 feet under the water.

Prior to the recovery, while testing new side scan equipment, the team observed an image on the side scan that appeared to be a vehicle under the water. After confirming the object was a vehicle, Yell County authorities contacted Hodges Towing and Recovery to assist in removing the truck from the lake and recovering it. 

At approximately 12:45 p.m. Saturday, the recovery efforts began. The area where the truck was located was marked with a buoy and with the assistance of Hodges Towing and Recovery, the truck was brought back to the bank of the kake and was recovered.

Authorities completed a search of the truck prior to it being towed from the area but did not find anything in it that appeared suspicious.

At this time, an investigation continues into the incident.

Yell County officials would like to thank Hodges Towing and Recovery for assisting them in the recovery efforts.