On Wednesday, June 2, Pope County OEM was dispatched to Long Pool Recreational area on a water rescue.

Pope County 911 operators dispatched the call at approximately 5:40 p.m. after a 911 caller reported three individuals were unable to swim across the water at the swimming area and were stranded on an island area nearby.

Pope County OEM personnel checked en route to the call and just after 6 p.m., they arrived on scene.

Emergency personnel made contact with a U.S. Forestry Service officer who advised them that the three young men had been swimming and jumping off a large rock located at the swimming area when they attempted to swim back to shore. The three individuals had made it about halfway when they decided they were unable to swim any further across the water.

Personnel located the two males who were safely on land in an area nearby and the third was standing in the water that was about chest high.

OEM members unloaded their raft, life jackets and other equipment to prepare for the rescue efforts as two OEM members that would conduct the efforts put on dry suits.

After carrying the rescue raft to the water it was launched and the rescuers reached the three stranded swimmers.

They were safely returned to the shore and back to the parking lot where they were reunited with their friends who had witnessed the rescue.

The three young men were not injured in the incident but were cold as they waited for rescue personnel.

After the efforts were completed, OEM personnel returned the raft and other equipment to their trailer and a short time later returned to their station available for service.