If you lived in Pope County in the early eighties to the mid nineties, “cruising the strip” is how many teenagers spent most Friday and Saturday nights. The strip consisted of driving back and forth along North and South Arkansas and along 4th Street as well. Recently due to COVID-19, there have been several birthday cruises organized and planned and those who participated in the cruise began brain storming different ideas concerning other cruises. Organizer of the Russellville Cruise Night Dustin Kenedy, participated in some of the birthday cruises and began discussing the possibility of having a Russellville cruise. Kenedy stated, “It’s been a long time since our town has seen an actual cruise night so after discussing plans, we decided to make it happen.” The cruise was then planned to be held Saturday night, May 9th in Russellville starting at 6:30 p.m. Car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts were invited to come out and participate, taking a drive down the strip and through town. Kenedy announced the cruise on Facebook by creating an event page and advised, “I ask if you come out, please be responsible and safe. Please keep your trash up out of the parking lots and be courteous of other people and drivers out trying to enjoy it as well. It would be nice to have our town back the way it use to be cool cars/trucks, good laughs, awesome people and just some good ole wholesome fun.” He also reminded those planning to attend and participate to “please practice social distancing.” Kenedy stated that he was blown away by all the amazing rides and the number of people who participated and attended Saturday night’s cruise. “I'm still kind of in shock,” Kenedy said. “I would like to give a big thank you to all the clubs and everyone that came out and showed our town some support. I also want to give a huge thank you to the Russellville Police Department for being so awesome and letting us enjoy a night of fun. I felt like a kid again from the time it started to the time it ended and the best part was seeing how happy it made everyone. The cruise allowed everyone to come together as one to enjoy something positive. We showed the younger generations something totally awesome that they never have been able to experience.” As far as how many people attended or participated Kenedy stated, “I wish I could give a head count of how many we had but there is no way possible to do that. I would give a low ball number to around 600 but I have had others tell me over 1,000. Either way, the cruise was a blast and we are looking forward to doing another one in the future.” There were not just Russellville residents who participated in the cruise, but some traveled from Fort Smith, Greenbrier, Van Buren and other cities throughout the state to be a part of the memorable event. Following the cruise, many described it to have been a blast, have said it was the most fun they have had in a long time and others commented that it brought back so many memories and created new ones. Overall, the Russellville Cruise was determined to be a huge success. The following video was captured during Saturday night’s Russellville Cruise.