At 3:33 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, the Yell County Sheriff’s Department, Pinnacle EMS, Yell County Mounted Patrol and the Dardanelle Rural Fire Department were dispatched to a motor vehicle collision with entrapment and injury that occurred at 10570 North Liberty Road. Upon the arrival of responders, they made contact with the occupants of the two vehicles involved in the crash, a white Hyundai Santa Fe and a silver Dodge Charger. Pinnacle EMS personnel arrived and joined Mounted Patrol personnel in order to assess the injuries the occupants of both vehicles had sustained. During the collision, both vehicles received heavy damage, causing the entrapments and seriously injuring the driver and the passenger of the Dodge Charger. After learning that serious injuries had occurred, EMS advised dispatch to check the availability of an air ambulance and upon the request of EMS personnel, Survival Flight 7 was launched and responded to the scene. Members of the Yell County Mounted Patrol began extricating the occupants of the Dodge Charger and a door pop was performed on the Hyundai Santa Fe to free the driver. Once the driver of the Santa Fe was freed from the vehicle, she was transported from the scene by personal vehicle to receive medical treatment for the injuries she had sustained. Due to the extensive damage the Charger received, more in depth extrication efforts were performed on the vehicle. Through the use of various specialty tools, Mounted Patrol personnel worked to free the patients while ensuring the patients protection from the extrication itself. Both occupants were immobilized during the extrication and medical personnel monitored their conditions. While the extrications were being performed, Mounted Patrol personnel and Dardanelle Rural firefighters conducted traffic control in the area and set up a landing zone for Survival Flight 7. Once the patients were freed from the entrapment, they were transported to the landing zone by Pinnacle EMS where they were transferred to Survival Flight 7 and airlifted from the scene. In order to determine how the crash occurred, an investigation was conducted by the Yell County Sheriff’s Department. Following the completion of the investigation, it was determined that the Hyundai Santa Fe was traveling north on Liberty Road and was attempting to turn left into a driveway. The Dodge Charger was also traveling north on Liberty Road when the driver crossed the double yellow centerline to pass the vehicles traveling in front of it that were slowing down for the Santa Fe. As the Santa Fe attempted to turn left into the driveway, it was struck by the Charger on its driver’s side. The impact of the collision spun the Santa Fe approximately 45 degrees back across the northbound lane where it came to rest in a ditch facing north. After striking the Santa Fe, the Charger continued to travel north along the southbound shoulder of the roadway where it then struck a tree head on, causing the driver and passenger to be trapped. Due to the high impact of the collision, the Santa Fe’s driver’s side front wheel/tire was thrown approximately 75 yards from the point of impact. After the patients were transported to receive medical care, the debris was cleared from the roadway and both vehicles were towed from the scene. Once the roadway was cleared, traffic was allowed to resume through the area and all responding units returned to their stations available for service. The identities of the individuals involved in the collision were not released due to them being juveniles. The injuries they received and their current conditions are unknown at this time. The attached photos and the following video were taken from the scene of the Tuesday afternoon crash.