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Jerry the Bulldog, campus ambassador at Arkansas Tech University, now has official presences on Instagram and Facebook.

His pages are located at and

"All members of the ATU community are encouraged to follow and like Jerry on Instagram and Facebook," said Heather Strasner, spirit assistant in the ATU Department of Campus Life. "We will be publishing a wide variety of content that reflects Jerry's multi-faceted role as campus ambassador. Most of all, we hope this can be something fun for the Arkansas Tech community and another way that Jerry can bring us all closer together."

The Arkansas Tech Student Government Association restored a tradition that had been lost for 76 years on Oct. 23, 2013, when it cast a unanimous vote to install Jerry as campus ambassador.

The first modern Jerry, whose full name is Jerry Charles Young I, was born on July 17, 2013. He is an English bulldog. He was introduced during a Homecoming Saturday ceremony on Oct. 26, 2013, which was the 103rd anniversary of the first day of classes at Arkansas Tech.

The original Jerry was a daily part of life at Arkansas Tech in the mid-1930s.

Visit to learn more about Jerry the Bulldog.