Around 50 future Russellville Middle School Gales showed up to Wednesday Night Football last week to learn a little about football and get to know each other and the coaches.

"We ran it like a football camp," Middle School head coach Tommy Parker said. "Kids want to get out and do stuff, and this is something they can do. We had 50 kids on Wednesday, and I bet we have 60 next Wednesday."

Wednesday Night Football is a once per week in the summer opportunity for anyone heading into the seventh grade at Russellville Middle School and interested in playing football.

"Every kid I talked to afterward, loved it," Parker said. "The reason we are doing it is because when we start real practices in July, the kids walk in and they aren't used to us or each other. This is a chance for us to get to know them and get used to each other, that way we aren't doing it blind in July. It's win-win. It's a win for the kids, and a win for the coaches because we aren't spending a week in July just trying to figure out who the kids are, what position they can play. We can do a lot of that stuff on the front end."

The team spent an hour at the Russellville indoor athletic complex at Russellville High School. They ran them through four stations of football drills. At the end, they divided up into teams and played ultimate football...which is like ultimate frisbee, except with a football, Parker said.

"I think we could have gone two hours and the kids would not have complained," Parker explained. "Kids want something to do. I think we will have more this Wednesday."

Wednesday night football is from 7-8 p.m. on Wednesday at the Russellville Athletic Complex near Cyclone Stadium. Parker said any seventh-grader interested in football can attend.