If you've ever wanted to take home piece of Cyclone Stadium -- here's your chance.

Russellville athletic director Johnny Johnson said the district will give away pieces of the artificial turf at Cyclone Stadium as they prepare to lay down new turf over the summer.

"When we pull the turf up, we'll cut it into sections of 7 and 1/2 feet by 50 feet, and people who want them can come with their tucks and we'll load them up," Johnson said. "That will help us dispose of it."

Johnson said they hope to begin giving away the turf on May 29 with the new turf going in beginning the first week of June.

The old turf is free and has a variety of uses, Johnson said.

"Other schools may want some if they have areas they'd like to add turf to," he said. "Or businesses may need turf in a warehouse. I've heard of farmers using it in chicken houses. Basically, it's here for anyone who thinks they might need it. We will load it up for free. All they have to do is bring a truck and trailer."

The new field will look similar to the old one -- but there are some key differences, Johnson said.

For one thing, the grass will be two-toned, meaning two different shades of green between yard lines.

"The logo may be a little bit bigger, and the other thing is one end zone will say Russellville while the other end zone says Cyclones," Johnson said. "We are going to try and get this done with private funding, so we are calling on businesses now. You can purchase a logo panel for $25,000, similar to the ones on the current field. You can finance it for 10 years or pay it up front at a 10 percent discount."

Johnson said they are budgeting around $400,000 to redo the field, a little over half what it cost to do the first time over 10 years ago. If funding goes well, Johnson said the district would like to repaint the track as well.

Once that's done?

"Then I think updating the press box will be our next big project," he said.