It's no secret that most media members root for the team they cover. Most of the statewide ladies and gentlemen came from Arkansas and were thrilled to be able to watch them take down Ole Miss on Monday to punch a ticket to Omaha. But it's understood you CANNOT root on media row. Well, that was a difficult task for Jason Kilburn and I on Monday at Baum-Walker Stadium. 

Putting in eight years of work to build credibility to even obtain the media credentials (and a HUGE thanks to our own Sports Director, Brad Caldwell, for doing the legwork and covering everything for us through the season) was reason enough to appreciate what we were privileged to witness in Fayetteville, but to be able to get down ON THE FIELD and interview the likes of Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek, superstar shortstop Casey Martin, Trevor Ezell, Dominic Fletcher, Isaiah Campbell and more was absolutely surreal. 

Jason did a tremendous job of capturing moments like the team Hog call (and the emotion surrounding it!), Casey Martin crouched down just taking it all in, and just the overall feel of the crowd and team, while I got as many interviews as possible for our video

All in all, it was a special experience and I feel fortunate to have been allowed the access to do the work. Assistant Communications Director John Thomas with the university has been a big help to us and we appreciate the hospitality through the regional and super regional tournament.

Now, it's on to Omaha! And as Phil Elson so eloquently put it, the Hogs (and the RVN team) are coming for it all.